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Harmon Killebrew Dies at Age 74

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The bad news for Minnesota sports fans continues to pour in. After an announcement last Friday that Harmon Killebrew had stopped his fight with cancer and entered hospice care, and the sudden death of Derek Boogaard, today the Twins announced that Killebrew died today in Arizona.

Having never had the pleasure of watching Killebrew play ball, my fondest memories of him all come from stories my father told me of his favorite ball player. Some of my favorite memories involve sitting and listening to my dad tell me stories about his days at Met Stadium, watching the Twins, and specifically Harmon Killebrew.

The first thing I ever bought with money I earned from working a "real" job was a Harmon Killebrew rookie card. I gave it to my dad.

This site has been riddled with enough sadness in the past week, and Killebrew was not a hockey player. However, Killer was, and always will be, a Minnesota figure. Hockey fan or not, baseball fan or not, if you are from Minnesota or care at all about good people who happened to play sports... you will mourn the loss of Harmon Killebrew.

Be sure to head over to Twinkie Town as they begin the same mourning process we went through with Derek Boogaard.