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Hockey Wilderness Community 2011 NHL Mock Draft: Colorado Avalanche

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The first pick overall is tricky, blow that, and as a GM, your career is likely over. No one wants to draft Alexadre Daigle when they could have had Sidney Crosby. The Hockey Wilderness community, along with some help from the community at The Copper & Blue chose to take the safe choice. With the first overall pick in the Hockey Wilderness Community 2011 NHL Mock Draft, they chose: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

Congrats, and all that.

Now we move on to the next trickiest position to draft in. Every year there is a false contest about which player will be the first overall selection. More often than not, there is a 1A and 1B. This year, not many people believe that, although there was some clamoring from the Oiler fans for Adam Larsson.

Who will the Avs take with their pick? Make the jump, read who Hockey Wilderness thinks they should take, and cast your vote for the Avs pick.

With Nugent-Hopkins off the board, the Avs are left with a host of players that make sense in the two spot. The worst part is? The Avs could use them all. You don't get to be the second worst team in the league without being bad in more areas than not.

So, where do the Avs go? Do they go with Adam Larsson, and put him under Erik Johnson's wing to turn him into an all-star d-man? Or do they go with adding some offense? After all, Milan Hejduk isn't going to be around forever, and Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny could use some help.

Coming from a Wild blog this is going to sound like the pot calling the kettle black here, but their fourth highest scorer was a defenseman, and their sixth highest was traded away after only playing 36 games for the team. Not a good sign.

To me, this comes down to a two horse race. Do the Avs want a franchise d-man, or do they want a forward who can score and be defensively responsible. Either way, they are getting their much needed Swedish replacement for Peter Forsberg. I might stretch it to include Sean Couturier, but the last thing they need is a scoring center playing on the third line. While it is a problem many teams would like to have, finding a scoring winger to go with the two stud centers they already have needs to be a priority.

As much as Adam Larsson deserves to be the second overall pick, I think the Avs go with Gabriel Landeskog, LW out of Kitchener. A big, already filled out forward who plays well in all three zones.

I put the percentages at about 60-40 that his actually happens. Larsson is the consensus #2, so he likely goes at two. However, if I'm the Avs, I take Landeskog.

Who do you take at #2?

Note: At the behest of our prospect guru, Dan Chan, we have expanded the list of potential picks. Enjoy.