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Other Minnesota Wild Happenings: Granlund, Hitchcock, Aeros

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Dennis Endras will be here next year. Mikael Granlund won't. Is rapture upon us?
Dennis Endras will be here next year. Mikael Granlund won't. Is rapture upon us?

With all of the focus on the draft, good news, and bad news, a few stories have begun to slip through the cracks, and we apologize for that. We now take a moment to address some much lighter news, and to open the conversation to the Wilderness on these topics.

For point of reference, please refer to Russo's blog earlier today, and his two stories from today's paper. 

The news? Mikael Granlund is staying in Finland for another year, Ken Hitchcock interviewed with the Wild, and the Aeros are just one win away from the AHL finals. Make the jump for some brief analysis, and your chance to weigh in.

Mikael Granlund Staying in Finland

Before everyone panics, this means relatively little to the franchise. Mikko Koivu stayed in Finland after he was drafted as well, and he turned out just fine. I know everyone wants him to come over, to be excited about something. Everyone just needs to take a big, deep breath. He will be here. He is 19 years old, a rock star in his country, and is living the life he needs to lead before he comes to the NHL.

He has military duties to fulfill, some schooling to complete, and again, he is 19 and a rock star. He needs to party a little before he gives that up. I say good on him for making the decision, and for making it clear now, rather than making every one wait. 

Ken Hitchcock Interviews with the Wild

While we should be getting excited about potential head coaching candidates, I find myself struggling to care. Chuck Fletcher is going to interview way more people than he needs to, is going to hire who he is going to hire, and there is little we can do but wait. While we could certainly throw together a separate post for each of these coaching candidates, what they mean to the team's future, how the style of play might change...

The truth is, that sounds very dry to me. While I am not belittling the importance of the search, the draft seems to be much more fun and much more productive use of our time. What I would encourage is that if you wish to discuss the coaching interviews, write a Fan Post. Your fellow Wilderness readers will comment should they feel the conversation is warranted. 

The only thing I can note is that most of the names that have come out are defensive minded coaches, so be prepared for that.

Aeros One Win Away from AHL Finals

The best news happening in the organization is that the kids on the farm are reaping what they sow. One win from the Calder Cup finals, something that would be a wonderful experience for everyone of the prospects. Not only is the experience valuable to the Wild in the long term, it is valuable to Wild and Aeros fans in the short term. Minnesota sports fans need some good news... here is where to find it.

Patrick O'Sullivan is performing like a beast, Matt Hackett is carrying the team, Jared Spurgeon is contributing, and Mike Yeo is showing just how good a coach he really is. It would be a huge, and I mean huge, gamble for Fletcher, but if it were me, I turn the reins over to him in Saint Paul next year.

But that's just me.

Your turn

OK, Wilderness. Three stories, all of which are directly related to why Hockey Wilderness exists. It's been awhile. What say you? Did Granlund make the right choice? Would you like further discussion on the coaching process? How about dem Aeros?