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Boogaard to be Laid to Rest Today

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Family and friends of Derek Boogaard will gather in his hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan today to pay respects and lay to rest the man known as one of the toughest NHL enforcers on the ice, and a "teddy bear" off of it. Many words have been written on this site, and any number of others, about Derek, his life, his death, and what it means to the game and to all of us.

Today is a chance for those closet to him to say goodbye. This is no longer about the NHL, the fans, or the media. Today is for those who knew him the best and loved him the most. Today is a day everyone reading this blog has been through at some point in their own lives. We all know what it looks like, what is happening, and how we have felt when it was our turn to say goodbye.

We will be silent here at Hockey Wilderness today, save for this post. Please keep the Boogaard family in your thoughts today as they take another step in their grieving. 

Rest in peace, Derek.