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Hockey Wilderness Community 2011 Mock Draft: Boston Bruins

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The Columbus Blue Jackets have course corrected our draft a bit, and have selected a defenseman. The problem? Not the highest rated defenseman, which judging by their defensive prospects, is probably a good thing. Rather than taking the highly touted offensive defenseman Ryan Murphy, they went with the big, defensively sound Dougie Hamilton. Dougie should add some toughness, and some physicality to the blue line in Columbus.

Let's just hope he starts going by Doug.

Next up are the Boston Bruins, in a pick they flat out stole from the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Phil Kessel deal. Look, I like Phil Kessel. Wish he were a member of the Minnesota Wild. Would I have wanted the Wild to give up what the Leafs gave up to get him? Not in a million years.

The picks thus far:


1. Edmonton Oilers: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
2. Colorado Avalanche: Gabriel Landeskog
3. Florida Panthers: Adam Larsson
4. New Jersey Devils: Sean Couturier
5. New York Islanders: Jonathan Huberdeau
6. Ottawa Senators: Ryan Strome
7. Atlanta Thrashers: Mika Zibanejad
8. Columbus Blue Jackets: Dougie Hamilton

Still, the Bruins get to pick. Make the jump and help them out. Who should the B's take? Make your case.

Unfortunately for our friend Ryan Murphy, the Bruins have little need for a defenseman who may have defensive issues. That means that Murphy gets to sit in the stands for bit longer and sweat for awhile longer. Looking at Boston's depth at the blueline, they may need some love, but they don't need Ryan Murphy.

More likely, yet again, is that the Bruins go for one of the top rated forwards still available, such as Sven "Steven" Bartschi. While Bartschi is a bit on the small side, the Bruins have never had an issue drafting small forwards. Whomever the Bruins pick is going to have a tough time cracking the lineup, with some amazing depth in the forward ranks for an organization that consistently makes the playoffs. 

The leanings I have here would be toward someone like Bartschi, Zach Phillips, or if they are feeling particularly giddy that day, a big defenseman like Duncan Siemens. However, as explained ad neaseum, the talent level of anyone in the first round is so difficult to distinguish, the B's could take anyone. To pick is to go all Hockey Buzz and just throw darts at the wall.

Unfortunately for you, the task falls on your shoulders.