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HW 2011 Prospects: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

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Photos courtesy of Dave Brunner Photography
Photos courtesy of Dave Brunner Photography

Hockey Wilderness has decided to rank their 30 favorite prospects in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and will analyze each and every one of them. So on draft day, you'll have a good sense of who's who.

With each post, you will get to understand what type of player he is, and how he can help the Wild. You'll understand his strengths, flaws and get to understand what type of player he'll develop into.

The HW's Rank - The average rank of several of our favorite available rankings, weighted appropriately.

Summary Scout Notes - A broken down version of comments offered by each service. To read the whole explanations, click on the source site and search.

Now, introducing Red Deer Rebels center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins:

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

#9 / Center / Red Deer Rebels



Apr 12 1993

GP G A P +/- PIM Midterm Rank
Final Rank HW Rank
2010 - Red Deer Rebels
29 51
3 1 1.0

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History And Accomplishments

  • 2008 Western Canada Bantam Championships
  • 2008 BC Minor Hockey Player of the Year
  • 2008 WHL Bantam Draft - 1st Overall, 1st Round
  • 2009-10 WHL Rookie of the Year
  • 2010-11 CHL Top Draft Prospect Award
  • HW's Take:

    While this year, there is still no clear cut #1 choice, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is still considered the favorite.

    He's got top notch offensive skills, with great skating, hockey sense and defensively play. He's got everything you want with the first overall pick. Got great playmaking skills, a good shot and knows how to use them.

    The only real knock RNH has is his size. He is average sized at 6-0 but weighs at only 164lbs, which is very skinny. But at the same time, you see him dominating the WHL and wonder: how much more will be dominate when he puts on 30 more pounds?

    Because 190lbs isn't out of the question for Nugent-Hopkins. And if he's got the skills and character, why not for the first overall?

    HW's Projection

    Top line playmaking center

    Summary Scouts Notes

    For full explanations, click on the links:


    elite skater with the elite hands, passing skills and shot ... outrageous offensive skills ... outstanding top-end speed with instant acceleration ... shifty and elusive ... a terrific puckhandler ... great offensive hockey sense ... superior vision ... didn't show much finish ... average size ...

    Red Deer Head Coach Jesse Wallin (via Edmonton Journal)

    the complete package ... good at both end of the rink ... very mature and intelligent ... just a mature individual and a great kid ... taken a real leadership role ... he’ll battle through checks ... great personality ... he works very hard and competes at a high level ... physically behind some guys at this stage ...

    The Scouting Report

    his offensive ability is uncanny and is lethal when shooting or passing the puck ... top-notch passer with an underrated shot. ... very good skater that is among the shiftiest players available ... possesses a very high-end skill set that is arguably the best in the entire draft ... defensively reliable ... a dangerous takeaway artist ... exceptional speed and creativity ... lacks breakaway speed ... had some struggles finding the back of the net this season, especially at even strength ... smallish frame will need to mature ... needs to improve overall strength

    Video Evidence

    NHL Top prospects: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (via mokyboy11)

    Where Does He Fit With The Wild?

    I'll MAKE him fit with the Wild!

    Seriously, a team that is missing top end talent and here is THE top end talent of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. A match made in heaven.

    Good Choice At #10?

    But he will not see the #10 pick.

    As much as we can hope and pray, no forces in the world will make the nine teams ahead of us forget the Nugent-Hopkins is still there.

    Besides, I don't like his name on the Wild jersey. It can't fit...

    How Does He Look As A Wild?


    Comment away!

    Special thanks to Brock Otten, Kirk Luedek, Scott Campbell, and Dan Shrader