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Hockey Wilderness Makes a Million


We here at Hockey Wilderness walk a fine line. With the vast amounts of money* we make for doing this, we feel a great deal of responsibility to give you, the reader, nothing but the best. We clearly fail at bringing you the best, so we give you the next best thing. Us. Whether it be sarcasm or satire, opinion or straight news, we endeavor to provide at least mildly entertaining posts on a semi-regular basis.

Somewhere in the past week, this community passed the one million page view mark. While we are still in the shadow of some of our larger brethren here on SBNation, the fact over a million times people have clicked on links across the site is humbling. We appreciate each and every one of them more than you will ever know. Without you, it would just be the five of us complaining about the syrup JS leaves wherever he goes. 

The stories on the site have been wide ranging. From prospects and picks to new friends gained and old friends lost, it has been an absolute pleasure bringing it all to you. Thank you from all of us here at Hockey Wilderness both past and present. We hope to all be around for the next million.

Now, quit sitting around and click on some pages. We won't get to two million by reading this post over and over. 

*The amount of money is negligible. But it's the thought that counts.