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2011 NHL Draft Tickets Giveaway


Have you always wanted to attend the NHL Entry Draft? Were you excited when you found out it was coming to Minnesota? Were you too lazy to sign up for free tickets while they were available? Well, thanks to the kind and generous nature of two Hockey Wilderness readers, we've got your back.

Yes, ThatGuy22 and Gunslinger1 have been kind enough to donate their extra tickets to the draft, and allow you to attend in their stead. We have two tickets to day one, and two tickets to day two. All will be awarded to the same winner.

Of course, it wouldn't be much of a contest if we didn't make you do something to get them. As with past contests, we called a meeting of the minds and decided we would give the tickets to the person who submitted a picture of the best jello mold ever made.

Nathan vetoed it, saying that it was too subjective, and clearly we should be awarding the tickets to the person who submitted the best recipe on Twitter using the hashtag #TheVoice. I had to veto that due to possible copyright infringement issues, although if we could get Christina Aguilera to somehow be a part of it, I'm back in.

Make the jump for the actual contest, will you please?

No, we couldn't agree on anything fun and exciting, so we fell back to our old standard. There are five trivia questions listed below. To win, you must answer all five of the questions correctly. In the case of a tie (let's face it, you should all be able to get these right), it will be a random selection from those who have the answers right.

An FYI before we get to the trivia. The tickets are from two different people, and are thus in two different places. If this is an issue, please do not enter the contest.

To Enter - please EMAIL your answers to me at bryanreynolds33 (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also click on the envelope by my name at the bottom of the screen. Use the subject line NHL DRAFT TICKET GIVEAWAY. If you have a Hockey Wilderness account, please list your username. This is not required, it would just be nice to be able to properly honor you.

Remember, you are subject to the Official Rules and any violations of those rules will result in you being eliminated from the contest and mocked mercilessly.

Your Questions:

1. Two former Wild players were drafted the last time the NHL Draft was held in Minnesota. Name one of the two.
2. Who is the player selected highest in the draft by the Minnesota Wild?
3. Which goaltender was selected highest in the draft by the Minnesota Wild?
4. What draft position do the Minnesota Wild hold in the first round of the 2011 Entry Draft?
5. What city in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft held in?

You have until 10AM central time on Saturday, June 18, 2011 to EMAIL me your answers. That would be EMAIL me the answers. That would be entry by EMAIL. Ready? Go.