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Report: Wild to Name Mike Yeo Head Coach

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KFAN has reported on the Dan Barreiro show, along with Lou Nanne, that the Minnesota Wild have hired Mike Yeo as the third head coach in team history. The Wild's only official announcement is that there will be a press conference tomorrow at 11AM to announce the new coach.

Russo reported earlier on his blog that Craig MacTavish also interviewed with the new Winnipeg team, and that may have thrown a wrench in the Wild's plans. This is all opinion, but MacT may be interested in that job, and they are no where near ready for that step. Russo said if MacT wanted to wait, the Wild would move on, and that appears to be just what they did.

We got our analysis on Yeo a little over a week ago from Ms.Conduct, and there was a bit of debate about Yeo or MacT. Regardless of your feelings, the man is now Coach Mike Yeo. I cannot speak for all of the staff here at Hockey Wilderness, but the editorial staff is happy with this hire.

It is, of course, a gamble for Chuck Fletcher. Bringing in a second rookie coach may be his undoing. I personally like a gamble. In life, where there is reward, there is risk. In my book, this is the correct hire, even if it doesn't work out long term.

To be clear, Mike Yeo is not Todd Richards. Similar styles, similar systems. Similar. Not the same. Please note this is not just semantics. The hope is that Yeo brings the same accountability to the Wild that he brought to the Aeros. It will certainly be interesting to see how the players respond to this.

Congrats, Mike. Welcome to Minnesota.

What say you, Wilderness? Is this the right move? The wrong move? Does it matter?

Note: Russo confirms via Twitter.