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Wilderness Walk: Mike Yeo Edition

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Everyone calm down, the Walk is only around for a day or two. It's summer. It's too hot to walk. That said, there are a few stories about the hiring, something that is not surprising, and you need to be aware of them. So, with out further adieu:


Why Mike Yeo? | - Russo lays it all out on his blog. He's right. This is a brave choice


Yeo a bold pick to take over Wild | - Newspaper edition.

Wild go young, again, with the selection of Mike Yeo as head coach - - Article from across the river.

Bob Sansevere: Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher puts his neck on the line in hiring Mike Yeo - - This must be big news to bring Sansevere into the conversation.

With the hiring of Mike Yeo, Wild must be hoping second time's the charm - - Sigh. Sorry, Tom


Report: Minnesota Wild expected to announce Mike Yeo as next head coach on Friday | ProHockeyTalk - PHT joins the fray.


Is Mike Yeo the right head coach for the Minnesota Wild? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Great post from Wysh. The power play stuff will haunt Yeo forever. Can't find a single Pens fan that still holds that belief, though. 

Have you found an article not included above? Post it in the comments.