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Minnesota Wild 2011-12 Regular Season Schedule Released

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The NHL has officially released the regular season schedule, which can be found HERE. While it is nice to have the schedule, and know that the sun will, indeed, rise tomorrow, the season is still almost four months away, and that is painful. 

Interesting games that jump out at me are the Blue Jackets, with new assistant coach Todd Richards, are in town to open the season at the X. Six home games in October, including one against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Canucks get to host the Wild before they come to Saint Paul, with the first Nucks game here happening on November 3rd. 

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Other games of note:

Nov 28, Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning

December 13, Wild play for the first time in Winnipeg. (Road trip anyone?)

February 16, the Winnipeg Somethingorothers will be here at the X, in case you really wanted to see the Wild play the Thrashers, but missed it for the past few years.

Feb 19, the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins will be in town. 

Ten of the last fourteen games are at home. 

The Wild play 15 games in March, nine of which are at home. 

The schedule is release, Wilderness. Anything strike you as important? Which games will you be going to?