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NHL Free Agency 2011

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With the draft complete, the center of the NHL world now becomes July 1st, and free agency. The Wild have a new direction, as explained brilliantly by Mike Russo, and Chuck Fletcher looks to have the commitment to that direction. This new direction could limit the Wild's activity in the (not so) free for all, but they will likely need to be involved to a point.

Free agency is always important sometimes even fun to watch. We are always impressed at the speed with which free agents sign with other teams, despite not being allowed to have contact with any team other than their current suitor until free agency begins. Yet, somehow, there is always a player signed five minutes in and going to a new team. 

Funny how that works.

Today will mark the start of free agency analysis and will lead us right up until July 1st, when Wild fans will, without a doubt, lose their minds that the Wild didn't sign Brad Richards or spend to the cap. Hopefully, along the way we can explain why that isn't likely to happen, and why you don't want it to. 

If the spirit moves you, please tell us your list of potential free agents you would like to see the Wild go after. You can find a full list on, or just click HERE

Stay tuned to Hockey Wilderness as we first examine the free agents currently under contract with the Minnesota Wild. For reference, we have created an NHL Free Agency page, just like our draft page. That way, you have one central location to check into when you need the info. Hope to see you along the way.