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Wild Acquire Darroll Powe from the Flyers

Mike Russo just informed the world via Twitter that the Wild have traded a 2013 3rd round pick to the Philadelphia Flyers for Darroll Powe. The twenty six year old center is a bottom six style player, mostly a checker, grinder, PK guy, so it is good to see the Wild not give up a huge amount to get him. Another RFA Chuck Fletcher will need to qualify, but Powe is affordable with a $725,000 cap hit right now. 

He's not a flashy pickup, but he will do what Fletcher is aiming for... make the team younger and faster. Make the jump for more details.

Darroll Powe

#36 / Center / Philadelphia Flyers



Jun 22, 1985

2010 - Darroll Powe 81 7 10 17 -6 41 0 2 2 87


From what I am getting from Twitter, and maybe we can get something from the Philly blog later, it sounds to be like Powe is another version of Cal Clutterbuck, mixed with a bit of John Madden. Speed, hitting, physical, grinder in the corners type player.

Philly fans seem to love the guy, and after watching some video, I think I know why. Many of the videos on Youtube feature Powe in borderline hits. Not saying they are dirty, but I can certainly see why players would hear footsteps:

Previously, in that same game:

One thing I really do like to see, however, is Powe answered the bell. In that very same game, he then beat Max Lapierre in a bout to settle things down:


For better or for worse, the Minnesota Wild are headed to a youth movement, and this is another step. As JS pointed out on Twitter, this likely marks the end of John Madden with the Wild, as Powe fills the same role. I sit in favor of this trade, as if that matters to anyone. Small price, young, gritty player who can hit. Put him on a line with Clutterbuck, and watch people beg to get off the ice. 

What say you, WIlderness?