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Andrew Brunette Fires Agents Over Sean Avery Debacle

Back in May, the representation agency Uptown Hockey made a critical mistake in their business plan. You see, Sean Avery went on the record supporting same sex marriage, and Uptown Hockey decided enough was enough. The agency's official Twitter feed sent out the following tweet:

Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender "marriage." Legal or not it will always be wrong.

The storm that followed Uptown, and specifically Don and Todd Reynolds (no relation to my fine family), was clear. You have an opinion? Great. As a human being, we respect that right. As an agent, representing the careers of your clients... you likely want to shut your yapper.

Today, (according to Russo) Andrew Brunette fired Uptown hockey, citing the Sean Avery mess as the reason. We won't go into the whole sordid tale again, but we will say this. Good on ya, Bruno. I personally did not think it was possible to respect Andrew Brunette anymore than I already did, but this move makes it clear I was wrong. A bold move by a good man.

And people wonder why Wild fans are going to miss Andrew Brunette. This is just another in a very long list of reasons why.