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HW 2011 Prospects: Tyler Biggs

Photos courtesy of Tom Sorensen
Photos courtesy of Tom Sorensen

Hockey Wilderness has decided to rank their 30 favorite prospects in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and will analyze each and every one of them. So on draft day, you'll have a good sense of who's who.

With each post, you will get to understand what type of player he is, and how he can help the Wild. You'll understand his strengths, flaws and get to understand what type of player he'll develop into.

The HW's Rank - The average rank of several of our favorite available rankings, weighted appropriately.

Summary Scout Notes - A broken down version of comments offered by each service. To read the whole explanations, click on the source site and search.

Now, introducing USA U-18 forward Tyler Biggs:

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Tyler Biggs

#22 / Right Wing / USA U-18



Apr 30, 1993

GP G A P +/- PIM Midterm Rank
Final Rank HW Rank
2010 - USA U-18
8 41
5 22 27.7

History And Accomplishments:

  • 2004-05 U12 Tier 2 National Bronze Medal: Cincinnati Jr. Cyclones
  • 2009-10 U17 WHC Gold Medal
  • 2010-11 U18 WJC Gold Medal
  • 2010-11 U18 WJC Most Penalized Player
  • 2010-11 Team USA U-18 Captain
  • HW's Take:

    I'll bet you anything that which ever team picks Tyler Biggs in the first round, that team's fanbase will flood the message boards with negative comments.

    Remember Colton Gillies?

    Okay, that situation was a bit different, and yes, we're still waiting to see the rewards from the trade up, but when all is said and done, Biggs is a pretty safe bet to becoming an NHLer. If you are picking late round, Biggs would not be a bad idea.

    He has NHL size, has the character, and has the skating, all which will translate pretty well into the NHL. How well is the question.

    His offensive skills and hockey sense is in question and some are expecting something flashy after seeing Biggs's (not sure how the English works for that...) midterm ranking at #5. Personally, I find it a bit unfair for him, placing expectations that realistically isn't suited for him. Biggs is a big powerforward that will hit and power his way to the net. He'll create space for his teammates with hits and will play defensively very well.

    Drafting is a mix of reward and risk, and Biggs is the type of prospect that weighs more on the low risk/low reward side than the high risk/high reward. At #30, Biggs is not a bad choice. All he needs is experience.

    HW's Projection

    Bottom six physical winger - will chip in offensively

    Summary Scouts Notes

    For full explanations, click on the links:

    NHL Central Scouting's Jack Barzee (via

    "He has that leadership quality … that desire, that passion, that competitiveness. He just never quits. He's a young player who has taken the role as leader of his team. He does most of their fighting when they have to fight. He's kind of the guy that when someone starts picking on somebody, he's standing up for them. I think while wearing the 'C' may have taken a little away from his offensive finish, my gut feeling is that I can't think of anything else but an uphill path for Tyler."

    U.S. Under-18 head coach Ron Rolston (via

    "He's a big, strong kid and is an extreme character player. He skates well and is physical and tough. He shoots and attacks the net well with or without the puck. He's certainly someone on our team who's a physical presence, and he makes room for a lot of our skilled players


    a power forward ... can skate, hit and fight ... a powerful skater ... powerful shot ... can bull his way to the net ... very good at protecting the puck ... can play defensively, is tough and works hard at his game ... good leader and plays a determined style of hockey ... momentum changer when he's banging bodies and making room for his linemates ... doesn't have elite skills and the hockey sense is questionable ... doesn't have great hands

    Video Evidence (via sprinklerman08)

    Where Does He Fit With The Wild?

    No. We got Gillies, and he's awesome. He is my favorite prospect and we don't need another physical prospect drafted in the first round replacing him.

    Although, having two bottom lines made up of Gillies, Brodziak, Clutterbuck, and Biggs would definitely be a sight to behold.

    Good Choice At #10?

    Again, Gillies.

    Plus, we need offensive talent. We need talent that will develop into either top six forwards or top pairing defensemen.

    Plus, I think Wild fans have had enough heart attacks this season.

    How Does He Look As A Wild?


    Comment away!