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NHL Free Agent Targets: Goaltenders

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From following along with Russo the past few days, the Dennis Endras as the backup is trending the same way the Anton Khudobin as backup. The thought, as written in the Star Tribune today (and a couple times recently), is that the Wild would love to let Jose Theodore and Josh Harding explore the market to see if they can latch on somewhere else, and sign one of them if they can't.

If those two sign elsewhere, and the Wild don't like the idea of Endras, they better consider signing one of the two quickly, because the free agent goalie market is not ripe with high quality help. 

Make the jump as we look at the free agent goalies not named Harding or Theodore.

Jeff Deslauriers

#38 / Goalie / Edmonton Oilers



May 15, 1984

Current Cap Hit: $1.05 million
Age: 27

Bryan: Deslauriers can never play in a Wild sweater. He's a decent enough guy, and I'm sure he is a great goalie, but I don't want to have to type his name. In all seriousness, he is a candidate for someone looking to take a chance on a back up. He performed admirably filling in for a very bad Oilers team in 2009-10, and was rewarded by being send to Oklahoma City. He is an option if there are no other options.
Verdict: I'd pass, but if it comes to it, one year, $900K

Nathan: No. I have my reasons. No.
Verdict: No.

Marty Turco

#30 / Goalie / Chicago Blackhawks



Aug 13, 1975

2010 - Marty Turco 29 1631 11 11 82 3.02 799 717 .897 1

Current Cap Hit: $1.3 million
Age: 35

Bryan: I only include him because it would be fun to see the pranks he could pull. He may still even have some game, but don't count on Fletcher going with a 35 year old back up.
Verdict: One year, $1 million

Nathan: I'd take a shot on Turco. This team doesn't need someone to play 40 games, maybe 15. Turco can be that guy if we can get him for under $1M
Verdict: One year, $850k

Mike Smith

#41 / Goalie / Tampa Bay Lightning



Mar 22, 1982

2010 - Mike Smith 22 1202 13 6 58 2.90 576 518 .899 1

Current Cap Hit: $2.2 million
Age: 29

Bryan: Mike Smith is going to be challenging Harding and Theodore for those few number one jobs, and Tampa will be hot on his trail to backup Roli the Goalie again next year. Smith with get a bit of a raise, but certainly doesn't look to be ready to take a pay cut to play somewhere. Would be a great pickup, but don't count on it.
Verdict: One year, $2.4 million

Nathan: This guy bothers me. There's something about his game that is just ... off. Oh, and he lost the job to Dwayne Roloson, which doesn't bode well. Plus he's expensive.
Verdict: Pass

Final Thought

We could go through each and every one of the available free agent goalies, and all of them would be the same story. Lots of goalies out there, not many jobs, and the Wild need to land a guy looking for a backup job, not the number one spot. A guy who can challenge Niklas Backstrom would be nice. 

Who are we kidding? If it's not Endras, they really should make an offer to Theo or Hards. Wild fans don't do well with new goalies, and I don't want to hear about it. 

Enjoy "Free Agent Frenzy" everyone. We'll see you back here tomorrow for all the fun.