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Hockey Wilderness Community 2011 Mock Draft: Dallas Stars

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In our latest installment of the Community Mock Draft, the Calgary Flames stocked up by taking a forward with a proven scoring record, and a player that many see as a potential pick for the Wild. Joel Armia ranges anywhere from 9 to 15 in the mocks I have read, so going to the Flames at 13 isn't out of the question by any means. Great pick by the fans, and from talking to some Flames fans, one that would be popular with them.

With the pick of Armia, we have a draft that looks like this:

1. Edmonton Oilers: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
2. Colorado Avalanche: Gabriel Landeskog
3. Florida Panthers: Adam Larsson
4. New Jersey Devils: Sean Couturier
5. New York Islanders: Jonathan Huberdeau
6. Ottawa Senators: Ryan Strome
7. Atlanta Thrashers: Mika Zibanejad
8. Columbus Blue Jackets: Dougie Hamilton
9. Boston BruinsRyan Murphy
10. Minnesota Wild: Sven Bartschi
11. Colorado Avalanche: Duncan Siemens
12. Carolina Hurricanes: Mark McNeill
13. Calgary Flames: Joel Armia

Up next, the Dallas Stars. This isn't awkward at all, I promise. Make the jump, get some insight, and make your pick.

The big news in Dallas right now is about the ownership situation, and of course, Brad Richards not being re-signed. Is it possible to draft an owner? How about a stud center to replace Richards immediately? Neither seems likely to happen without and act of the hockey gods. Actually, no... neither can happen. 

That said, as anyone who is following along knows, plenty of talent to be had. We'll skip the drama filled lead up, and just get straight to the voting. Who would you take if you were at the helm of the Dallas Stars? Keep in mind, kicking Norm Green on the crotch is not an option. Sorry.