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Heatley and Setoguchi Speak to the Media

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Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi both met with the Minnesota media contingent today at the Xcel Energy Center. Both donned green Wild sweaters and answered as many questions as the media could throw at them, adding a little bit to the conversation. After the presser, one thing is clear, Setoguchi is going to be a fan favorite. I am 100% confident of this.

The guy is honest, he is funny, and he tells it like it is. For example, when asked what he thought of Minnesota he said it is "the 14th province of Canada," referring to the love of hockey here. He also made it clear of his intensions with the puck when he has it on his stick. "I get the puck, I shoot it. I don't make fancy plays, I just shoot it."

How does that sound, Wild fans?

I have included full audio of both pressers. Enjoy. 

Heatley Presser

Steoguchi Presser