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Help Us Help You: The Dog Days of Summer

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Without going into the boring analytic details, we can safely tell you that this summer had been kind to Hockey Wilderness. With the draft in town, and the Wild making some moves that make them (gasp) relevant, traffic has come to HW in record numbers. May, June and July have all surpassed traffic levels for the site even during the season. This strikes us as both interesting and welcome, and at the same time leaves us wondering what to do for the rest of the summer.

Traditionally, July, August, and let's face it most of September are pretty boring for hockey fans. Until training camp revs up, and unless there is some kind of shocking move, the dog days of summer are upon us. We could simply go into a catatonic state, rocking back and forth mumbling "Mittens" to ourselves, or we could keep writing and giving you, our fine readers, something to do to avoid working.

It really is up to you.

However, if you would like us to keep writing, we're going to need your help. What would like to know about? What would help you get through the doldrums of your work day or best help you procrastinate on that home work assignment? Is there anything you have always really wanted HW to write about, or something that has been bugging you all season, and you can't seem to get the answers?

Let us know. We're here to help, but our brain trust is coming up short. So we ask you, please: