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Becoming Wild Episode Two Available Now

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Becoming Wild has become a phenomenon. People are craving episodes long before they air on TV, and once it has aired, they want it online. The amount of excitement surrounding the show has reached almost ridiculous levels. We love that here at Hockey Wilderness. It has been a long time since there was this much excitement surrounding the Wild, so we're just going to sit back and watch as it unfolds.

The second episode of Becoming Wild aired Friday night, and it did not disappoint. Watching as Mike Yeo was offered the job (I wonder what he says!) is pretty intriguing, but the big success story of this episode has to be the inside look at the draft discussions by the scouts as draft day approached.

People who cover the team every day would kill for this type of access. We'll just keep dreaming. You make the jump and enjoy the show through the magic of the interwebz.