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Happy Independence Day from Hockey Wilderness

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We here at Hockey Wilderness do not often stop to acknowledge holidays, since we feel most of them are contrived, commercialized jokes created to get us to buy greeting cards and gifts for people who likely don't deserve them. Not that we're bitter at all. 

The Fourth of July (aka Independence Day) is one that we will stand and take notice of. The history is simple. Today is the day we looked at our British overlords and told them where they could put their crumpets. Then they liad a smack down on them like the world had never seen. 

We don't take many days off around here, but today is one of them. There will be a post in a bit, analyzing the Dany Heatley trade, but only because to not do so would be negligent, not because we wanted to. Not that we're bitter at all.

Enjoy the Heater post if you're are around, or come read it tomorrow. We'll be here all week. Try the veal. For now, enjoy this Dodge commercial as a friendly reminder that while the US can't win in men's soccer, we could still whoop those pathetic British right off their own island. Oh, and Canada... don't think we have forgotten about 1812. Sleep with one eye open.