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Becoming Wild Episode One Viewing Thread

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The excitement has built up surrounding the program "Becoming Wild," which follows the Minnesota Wild Hockey Ops department throughout the post season and off season. We brought you some clips from episode one earlier this week, and tonight the first episode airs.

Being a spot people may logically come to discuss the show, we figured we would offer you a thread to discuss your feelings throughout the show, and allow to you to watch with friends. If people would like, we can do this for future episodes as well, or this thread can sit empty and no one will be around except me.

Either way, the episode airs at approximately 10:30PM local time, following the Minnesota Twins game on your local Fox Sports North channel. All episodes will also air online AFTER they air on FSN. Repeat, all episodes will be available online AFTER they air on FSN.

We hope you enjoy the show, and please let your feelings be known in the comments. See you tonight. q