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Becoming Wild Episode One now Available

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The Minnesota Wild's version of 24 / 7 or Oil Change is now available online for everyone outside the FSN viewing area. I watched the premiere episode last night, and I can tell yo without hesitation, you will not be disappointed. From the opening sequence to the final "cliffhanger" you will be riveted watching it. 

Great lines abound as they talk with Colton Gillies, Casey Wellman, Mike Yeo, and Aeros GM Jim Mill. Watch as Yeo lights up the boys in the Calder Cup playoffs and they actually... respond. Great stuff, with behind the scenes access that regular media can only dream of. 

The first episode can be viewed at, or through the miracle of sharing... after the jump. Please feel free to make your opinion known. Did you love it? Hate it? Wish they would do 1000 episodes? Will never watch another? They want to hear from you, so let them have it.