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Rick Rypien Found Dead; Hockey Mourns Another Loss

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There was a night in October that Minnesota Wild fans would have wished the worst on Rick Rypien. The worst possible consequence for his actions. No one would have wished this.

Rick Rypein was found dead last night at the all too young age of 27 years old. A member of the very young new Winnipeg Jets franchise, and a former member of the Vancouver Canucks, everyone knows the reasons why Wild fans weren't supposed to like Rick Rypien. At this point, I truly hope no one cares about that. Reports on how he died are mixed, with news coming in even late in the night. The story will be told, as much as no one wants to tell it, write it, or read it.

All of that goes away now. All that matters is that Rick Rypien is gone, far too young, far too early. Whatever happened on the ice, or off, is of no consequence. What matters now is that a member of the hockey family, of the human family, has been lost. We join the NHL community in mourning the loss of Rick Rypien. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his friends, and his teammates.

Please show support to our friends at Nucks Misconduct and Arctic Ice Hockey as they mourn a loss to their family. While we know nothing brings solace, know that we at least understand the pain you are going through. 

Once again, our condolences to family, teammates, and friends.