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Happy Blogoversary, Hockey Wilderness

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Where the hell is our cake, Duff?
Where the hell is our cake, Duff?

According to the full HW archive, today is the fourth anniversary of Hockey Wilderness' existence. Some of you may not know this, but Hockey Wilderness, back before it was the superest of super cool spots to come for everything Wild related, and long before any of the current staff was around, the site was actually called "In The State of Hockey." That was quickly ended by the Wild as a copyright issue, and the name Hockey Wilderness was born.

The year before Nathan and I began smacking you upside the head with our witty banter and countless tasteless jokes were a bit slow on the traffic meter. Since then, we have grown to a site with well over a million hits, a large and active community, and have become a place where fun and news collide. If anyone has the sound of someone inflating their ego, please insert that here:

In all seriousness, each of the staff have come on board at different times along the way, and each of the additions added something special and brought new additions to the community. We have had many friends cross our paths, stay awhile, and then leave us hanging (*cough* Yerdon *cough*), yet we are thankful for each and every post, and every comment left on the site. Without each  of our writers, Hockey Wilderness would not be what it is today.

Sure, the blogoversary (what a stupid word, by the way) means very little. Nothing is going to change, there is no cake, and there are no prizes, it seemed noteworthy to stop and acknowledge just how much fun it has been for the site for the past four years.

Thank you everyone for reading, for commenting, for trolling, and for simply allowing us to spew this tripe we call writing on a near daily basis. We look forward to year five, and to many new additions to the team and the community.