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Robbie Earl Signs in KHL... What do we do With These Sombreros?

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Robbie Earl was a good soldier for the Minnesota Wild organization. Given that he is a former Wisconsin Badger, he had some things going against him with the fan base here in the Twin Cities. However, his attitude and his work ethic made him a solid call up, and someone who fans were not nervous to see in the lineup.

Earl never really got his chance to shine in the NHL, which may be appropriate, maybe not. GMs get paid way more than I do to make those decisions, and all 30 of them decided he just wasn't their guy. The allure of the AHL and potentially ten or twelve games in the NHL again this year likely wasn't there. So, Robbie Earl heads to the KHL, and what we hope is some of those infamous bags of cash.

Good luck Rob.

Now... what do we do with all these sombreros?

Stick tap to Chuck Schwartz for the heads up.