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Becoming Wild Episode 3 Live Thread

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So, @EGrabouski on Twitter asked whether there was going to be a Becoming Wild Episode 3 live thread. Well, here you go.

Episode 3 is all about the draft. Some of us (Bryan) will appear on your television. Do not fear, it will not damage your screen (I hope).

To answer your questions, yet again:

1. The episode will once again air after the Twins game.
2. The episode will be online some time tomorrow.
3. No we have not seen the episode.

It should be a doozy. This was an exciting time this summer. I can't wait to see behind the scenes of what really happened. Let's hope we get lots of stuff about the Brent Burns - Devin Setoguchi/Charlie Coyle trade!

See you tonight after the ball game. Go Twins.