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You Know You're a Wild Fan If You...

For those of you out of the loop, or not on Twitter, the NHL is doing a team preview each day over on and using a coinciding Twitter meme along with them. Today happened to be the day for the Wild preview and Twitter fun.

Now, of course the Wild blogosphere was involved (why wouldn't we be?), and of course, Wild fans were tweeting all day to make it work out. And, of course, the fans across the NHL joined in, as we all have with each team that has passed. It was a pretty good day.

We wanted to share some of our favorites, some of our least favorites, and some of the just very, very bad. After the jump, of course.

First, let's look at some of our favorites.


Everyone wants to be part of team Rob. Stupid Europe.


Of course, then the other team just scores with your stick. Still, good pull.


Because you know it is going to happen.


Go Burns! Wait...




Sigh. It's funny because it's true.


Le sigh.


One of my personal favorites.


I believe this was my best work.

The Really Lame

Missing the Playoffs


The Wild don't make the playoffs. Get it? Man... that's funny. Wait... no it's not. Here's how you making missing the playoffs funny:




Keep trying. You'll get.



Oof. Grass and paint? Lots of other things are boring. Accountants, engineers, Canucks fans... (to his credit, he did get better after this.)


This one doesn't even attempt a joke. Lame.

Here, this is how you make a boring team joke funny:


We Don't Even Think About You


Which, of course, means that would be the only joke, right? I mean... if you rarely think about the Wild, that has to be it, no? No.




They never, ever think about the Wild. Nope. Not ever. Swear it. By the way, Luongo is over rated and absolutely OWNED by the weak Wild offense. Enjoy that.

The Obligatory Joke About the Sweaters


Of course, we could have included the 25 tweets about Christmas, or the ones I still don't get about Christmas trees. (Seriously... I've never seen a red Christmas tree. Someone help me out here.)

The Ones That Don't Even Make Sense


I love Mexican food. The spicier the better. Though, good Mexican food is getting harder and harder to find, so maybe that's what they meant by "exotic."


So we enjoy looking at the beautiful blue sky on a sunny day? We don't get many, so... um... yeah. (Pretty sure this was an attempt to call us stupid. A lame attempt, but an attempt.)


The Flyers were 22-12-7 last year. More teams lost than won there. The Nucks didn't even go to Philly last year. Either did the Wild. And why is Philly the measuring stick? And what is a "going to lose?" Because, you know, apparently the Wild own it, as it is "theirs."

Moving On

This is the kind of fun we get to have in mid-September. The Traverse City tourney is going on, but we have no coverage on the tube. Nathan is there, and will be covering tonight and tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Watch @hockeywildernes on Twitter for updates, and hopefully he will give us a gamer or some such later tonight.

And to the fans of other teams... if you are going to recycle old jokes, can we at least find a new twist on them? Wild fans like a good joke at the expense of the Wild. Emphasis on "good." Make the jokes. Hell, use the old jokes, just give them something new, can we?