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What Will the Hockey World do With "Goon" Movie?

Yesterday, via our crack staff at the SBNation NHL Hub, I got my first look at a trailer for an upcoming movie entitled "Goon." The subject matter isn't going to be much of a surprise to anyone in the hockey world, but that same subject matter might not be as well received as it once would have been.

The plot reads:

Labeled an outcast by his brainy family, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way.

That said, it's still a hockey movie, and my bet is most hockey fans will still want to see it. The trailer, a little discussion, and your chance to share your thoughts, after the jump.

The Trailer



There has not been a huge uproar about this movie. It could be because many still don't know about it, or it could be that people don't actually mind it at all. SBNation NHL Editor Travis Hughes is keeping an open mind about it:

We only have bits and pieces of this film to go off of at this point, of course, so it's too soon to make judgments. We don't know if they address the serious problems that plague these men, or if they choose to only glorify them instead.

It'll get me to see the movie, so maybe the job has already been done, but I'm not going to be watching it because I think it'll be entertaining.

Hughes also says that the trailer was a bit "disconcerting" given the events of this summer, especially the line at about the 10 second mark. It would be hard to blame him for his discomfort as Sean William Scott (who Wild fans know as a look alike for Nate Prosser) yells "I'm high on painkillers" in the midst of heavy drinking.

As Travis points out, though, we only have 1:16 of the movie to judge it on. We have an inclination of which direction the movie is headed, but we do not have the full truth. It certainly appears to be a glorification of the lifestyle, with players partying, seemingly loose women providing sexual favors for being a hockey player, and a celebration of the mix of cocktails and painkillers.

If you have ever watched movie trailers, and then gone to see the movie, though, sometimes they don't match up. One example I was reminded of is the movie Broke Back Mountain. If you would have watched the trailers before it came out, you never would have picked up on the plot (likely due to societal issues). A movie can take a hard plot twist, veer away from what it was perceived as, and still be an enjoyable film.

Everyone has the ability to draw a conclusion, and when presented with the information we have, this movie certainly looks easy to judge at face value. Until it comes out, I will be reserving judgment and hoping for the best.

Certainly, the timing is terrible. With what has occurred this summer, the hockey world may not be ready to support a movie and celebrate a profession and lifestyle that many feel should be removed from the game if at all possible. Keep in mind that the movie was filmed before our Summer of Sadness, and that the makers of the movie have likely millions of dollars tied up in its production.

It's the way of the world. A movie has been made, it is apparently finished and set to be released. Whether or not they can still edit it is unknown, nor do we know if they would be willing to anyway. Maybe it gets released and serves as an inside (if wholly fictional) look inside the lifestyle. Maybe it gets released and no one goes to watch it. Or, maybe it becomes a huge hit. It's difficult to tell.

My guess is this. All three players we have lost this summer probably would have watched it. I will likely watch it, even if, as Travis pointed out, it isn't for entertainment purposes.

What say you, Wilderness? Will you watch it if they go ahead with release? Any thoughts on the trailer?