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Wilderness Walk for 9-19-2011: The Walk Returns

The day has arrived, ladies and gents. Your daily dose of Wild clippings, jam packed into a nifty little package we like to call, the Walk. For those of you new to HW, The Walk is not new news, and rarely does it contain anything we wrote (unless it is from another site). What the Walk serves to do is bring as much of the news and notes surrounding the team to one place for easy access.

After the jump is our first Walk of the very young season. If you ever see something, or write something, that you feel should be in the Walk, drop us a line. Tie your shoes, we don't want anyone to hurt themselves on the first day.

Wild News

Bouchard's first skate with Wild features finesse of old | - Yes, Butch is a key story of the camp. A full healthy season from PMB makes the Wild that much better.

Wild exhibition lineup Tuesday in Edmonton | - Think this lineup can win the critical, must win first exhibition game?

Top Line Forging Formula For Success - Minnesota Wild - News - coming in with some solid original content as well. "After watching the line skate together, you don’t have to know the atomic number of zirconium to understand the trio has something brewing that goes beyond the stat sheet." Classic.

Jordan Hendry Impresses Mike Yeo - St. Paul Pioneer Press - I would read this article to give you a feel for it, but it is behind a registration wall, and I really don't feel like registering.

Bouchard Reclaiming his Game - See? Butch will be a focus.

First Round Bust: A Mostly Accurate Look At Sunday's Wild Scrimmage - FRB talks a bit about the scrimmage yesterday. Note: I may be the only one who doesn't feel Cullen played well yesterday. I'm OK with that.

Relatively short Walk today. Should be more as we progress through the year, including news from around the league. For today, just stretch and get back into Walking shape. We'll see you again tomorrow.