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Wilderness Walk for 9-20-2011: Game Day Edition

Whoa. Game day edition just two days in? We're moving fast around here, people. Try to keep up.

Since we have some new friends from over the summer, we'll explain the difference between a game day Walk and a regular Walk. The only real difference is we will include some links from the opponent's home town, hoping to get a glimpse into what the other market is reading about that day. Today, you get the Edmonton Oilers. Or rather, a close proximity of the Edmonton Oilers.

The other difference is that you get to play "Make your own caption" for the picture included on that day's Walk. Create the best caption, and you win a free subscription to Hockey Wilderness. It's a truly amazing honor to win.

Links after the jump.

Wild News

Harding's return to crease will soothe plenty of pain | - A great article on Harding's terrible summer, and his return to the crease. You just help but cheer for this guy.

Gillies hopeful his time has come | - A double dose of the Wild in the paper? Must be game day. Russo talks with Colton Gillies about the career trajectory he took, and what his thinking is in camp right now.

Wild heads north for exhibition opener | - Turns out, the Wild are in Edmonton tonight. Who knew?

There is also a story about Harding in the JV paper, but they have decided to put their content behind a registration wall. As much as I support the newspaper industry and ask each of you to buy a newspaper to support your local writers, we aren't here to get them registrations. If you would like to register for an account, feel free. Until they drop the wall, their stories will not be linked here.

More from Camp Scrimmage

Post Training Camp Scrimmage - Review #817 - Gone Puck Wild - The Wild related Fansided site is not fully staffed, but if you are looking for some more perspective on the team, add it to your RSS feed.

Season Preview

Driving Play: Driving Play Season Preview - Teams 26-23 - The Not-Quite-So-Bad-As-The-Oilers - Another incredibly uneducated season preview about the Wild. If you want to raise your level of disappointment in humanity, give it a read.

Enemy Perspective

Sports News | Edmonton Oilers | Hockey Scores & Schedules | Football | Basketball | Edmonton Journal - Your source for the Edmonton Oilers coverage in print form... except... you know... in online form.

The Copper & Blue - For Edmonton Oilers Fans - Your SBNation home for Oilers coverage.