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Wilderness Walk for 9-21-2011

Is everyone still around? Just need to make sure no one slipped into a hockey coma or forgot that the day after games isn't a day you get to take off of work. There is still much to do. One Gerald does not a season make.

Yesterday was good. It was cathartic to be sure. Watching hockey, even preseason hockey, calmed the nerves a bit. At least it did for me, and I hope for all of you as well. Being able to focus my attention in on something, that in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter, felt good. It truly felt good to just escape for three hours or so.

Welcome back, hockey. Please don't ever leave us again. We'll do anything.

Wild News

Spurgeon's second goal lifts Wild to exhibition-opening win | - Russo's post game Rants. Rumor is he was the only member of the media other than the broadcast team on the trip. Awesome.

Wild's Spurgeon is picking up where he left off last year | - The "gamer" from Russo. Preseason games usually more of a notes section. Still... good stuff.

Yeo embraces four-letter word: Trap | - Go ahead, other teams' fans. Fire up the trap jokes again. No one cares. Your team plays a trap, too. Enjoy it.

First Round Bust: Yes Virginia, There Is A Hockey Game - Some video highlights from FRB.

Off the Trail

Preseason Starts Tonight; Thoughts On Mark Johnson | - Good post on that served dual purpose. One, as a pregame for yesterday's tilt, and two as a look at Mark Johnson, a Lester Patrick award winner. You may remember Mark as a member of the 1980 Olympic hockey team.

Supporting your goals & dreams " eliteleadershiptraining - This is a blog from motivational speaker JB Spisso. You know him from Becoming Wild, and from his time with the Wild. His posts usually aren't about hockey, but the guy is a born leader, and you can get an inside look at his philosophies by reading his work. Enjoy.