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Wilderness Walk for 9-22-2011: Game Day Edition

Note to self: When writing the Walk the night before you plan to sleep in, make sure you actually schedule it to publish so that when Microsoft decides to update Windows at 4AM, it doesn't destroy the whole thing. OK, got that out of the way. This is the second attempt at the Walk, and I might say, a better version. You'll never know, since the first one is floating in cyberspace somewhere, never to be seen again.

The 1/2 Wild play the Blues tonight, in St. Louis. This will be first look at some of the guys playing, but you will still not see the top line play. Sounds like coach Yeo wants to save that for the home crowd. Game thread will be up a couple hours before the game, so sit tight and enjoy the day.

I will be absent tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday as I tend to my brother's every need for his upcoming wedding. He clearly did not properly consult the NHL schedule before scheduling this.

Remember... game day means create a caption. Ready? Go.

Wild News

Desire to win burns in Wild captain Koivu | - Good stuff on the Kaptain from Russo.

Injuries cut into Wild youngsters' audition time | - Injury bug already? Please quarantine them.

UPDATE: Lineup for St. Louis; Wild cuts to 47 | - Lineup info for tonight.

Wild Talk

WILD PUCK BANTER: Retire Number 55 - I have no issue with retiring 55, just so long as during his career they win something. Retiring sweaters for guys just because they played a long time for one team is not what it is about. They are supposed to be the greatest players to play for the team, having led them to something. The line about "only two sweaters in 20 years" gets me. This isn't the Canucks. You have to earn something before your number goes to the rafters.

The Ciskie Blog: Minnesota Wild: Why They Won't Be Better - Our own Bruce Ciskie with his take on why the Wild won't be better than they were last year.

The Ciskie Blog: Minnesota Wild: Why They Will Be Better - And from earlier in the week about why they will be.

Enemy News

St. Louis Blues news, NHL hockey schedule, stats, forums, photos & video - Here is the local newspaper coverage.

St. Louis Game Time - For St. Louis Blues Fans - Here is your SBNation home for all things Blues.