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Wilderness Walk for 9-23-2011: Game Day Edition

Yes, really. The second game day edition in a row. Best part? There will be another tomorrow. None of which are on TV. I hate the preseason... such a tease. Hey! Here's some hockey, but you can't watch it. Of course, tonight's game is at home, so hopefully all of you are down at the X blowing the place up.

Today's Walk is a hefty one. Plenty of things to read and have some fun with. We have video, more fun with previews, and hockey fans being, well... disgusting racist pigs.

Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotion. After all, this is the Walk.

Note: There likely will not be a Walk tomorrow or Sunday as I attend to my brother's wedding. Apologies in advance.

Wild News

Wild youngsters get put to the test | - Gamer from Russo.

Wild's Nystrom sees faith, and face, restored | - Nystrom sounds fired up. Let's hope that translates to the ice. The team could use him.

Backstrom, Hackett combine for 32-save shutout as Wild gets by St. Louis | - Your Rants.

Regina Pats - So they aren't the greatest at labeling their news. Anyway, Wild prospect Colton Jobke was traded within the WHL. Not huge news, but news.

This is video of the news you would have read had you followed me on Twitter. Granlund took a hard hit and left the game. HIFK's coach did not feel it was dirty, nor do I. Risky play for young Mr. Granlund. Stick tap to Nate Wells, @GopherState, on the video.

Wild Talk

Can Mikko Koivu be a Selke Trophy winner? Coach Mike Yeo thinks so | ProHockeyTalk - Can award voters get over the fact that he isn't Pavel Datsyuk? No? Then I have my doubts. Should he win it? Yes. Will he? Not a chance.

2011-12 NHL Season Preview: Minnesota Wild " This is The D.A.R.T. Board - First off, some words of advice. Learn what the word "paragraph" means in journalism. Especially in online journalism. Next, before you talk about Charlie Coyle and Mikael Granlund pushing for a spot, you may want to actually read something about them. Finally, answers to your two questions:

1. Why should you trust the Wild defense? Five returning starters in the top six, all of whom are defensively sound.

2. Where does the offense come from? Jared Spurgeon, Marke Zidlicky, and... you know... the forwards.

Enemy News

Columbus Blue Jackets news, stats, photos, video | BlueJackets Xtra - Columbus News you can use.

The Cannon - For Columbus Blue Jackets Fans - Your SBNation home for the Jackets.

Off the Trail

First, the cool news.

The NHL looks to be issuing a video explanation for each disciplinary action. We can only hope they also include there for non-actions. The transparency of the process is improved by this.


And, the really disgusting news.

Ontario fan throws banana at Wayne Simmonds in shameful racist display | ProHockeyTalk - What a joke. Whoever threw it, you need a serious timeout on an island full of flesh eating ants.

Show your support for Wayne Simmonds! - Broad Street Hockey - However, the folks at Broad Street Hockey (our Flyers site) have put together a post to send your words of encouragement to Simmonds. Enjoy.