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Brad Staubitz Suspended Rest of Preseason; First Three Games of Regular Season

The NHL's new discipline czar, Brenden Shanahan, has been a busy, busy man this preseason. Turns out, rewriting rules will do that, and the message better be clear by now. The suspension video page is filling up quickly as physical players are learning the hard way that "Shanny" isn't messing around. The instructions came from the owners and GMs to protect their investments, and the league has begun to respond.

When Brad Staubitz was removed from the Columbus Blue Jackets game (an increasingly vitriolic rivalry), Wild fans wanted to see the hit. Now you can. As reported by Russo on Twitter, Staubitz was suspended for the rest of the preseason and the first three games of the regular season tonight.

Let's hope the message is received.

Here's the video: