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Wisnewski Suspended Remainder of Preseason; Eight Regular Season Games

We continue our walk down suspension lane with Brendan Shanahan, as the video has come out early. Wisnewski gets the remainder of the preseason, and the first 8, yes 8, regular season games. Yowza. Shanahan makes it very clear in the video that Wisnewski is a repeat offender, and you can almost sense the anger in his voice as he repeatedly mentions that Cal Clutterbuck was "defenseless."

Wisnewski will serve his fourth suspension, including the ridiculous suspension last year for the lewd gesture. This one deserved to have a crack down associated with it, and Shanahan delivered big time. Eight games is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a major offseason signing for a team that desperately needs him in the lineup. This is a big... pardon the pun... blow to Columbus and their chances for a fast start to the season.

Let's hope Steve Mason, Rick Nash, and Jeff Carter are up to the challenge.

Here's the video:

Stick tap to Felix (@Felix0096) for the video find.