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Wilderness Walk for 9-27-2011: Game Day Edition

Well now. Yesterday was fun, huh? Brad Staubitz suspended, James Wisnewski suspended, some sweet memorials to lost friends, a lost draft pick returns to the organization, slurs thrown around in a hockey game. Almost makes game day seem like a distraction. A welcome, blessed distraction.

Tonight is the Blues, and from the sounds of it, the real Blues. Which means it could be an almost real hockey game. With a handful of guys still fighting for a spot, a Houston camp open, it is time to put up or shut up. Should be a fun one.

Game day means captions, bring the heat. After the jump, news and notes, as always.

Wild News

Staubitz waiting on NHL ruling; Wild to sign Aaron Boogaard to an AHL two-way deal | - Obviously Staubitz isn't waiting anymore, but here is Russo's take on the whole thing.

Staubitz suspended for the first 3 games | - Newspaper version of the suspension.

Aaron Boogaard allowed to join Houston farm team | - Russo talks with Aaron Boogaard about his chance in Houston and about his brother.

Q&A with Chuck Fletcher - The JV squad takes on the task of a sit down with the boss.

Wild's Top Notch Top Line Gets Even Koivu Talking - Still not sure why they let this guy in the door, but it seems our friends Tom is excited about the Wild's chances this year. There must be sidewalk work around the X. And chocolates. (Old article, but the registration wall finally died.)

Wild Talk

What To Expect From Minnesota This Season | The Hockey Writers - A very basic preview of the team. Somehow, Tyler Cuma became the best defensive prospect in the organization, but other than that, not a bad preview.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros Training Camp starts TODAY - Well, yesterday, but the headline is from yesterday and... you get the point. Make sure you are reading T3I for updates on the Aeros.

Enemy News

St. Louis Blues news, NHL hockey schedule, stats, forums, photos & video - Newspaper coverage.

St. Louis Game Time - For St. Louis Blues Fans - Your SBNation home for all things Blues.

Off the Trail

Sean Avery: Wayne Simmonds used homophobic slur against me - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - I have read some articles trying to justify Simmonds using the word he used, or to say Avery likely deserved it. No one deserves that, even if the N-word was dropped. Two wrongs does not make a right.

Some people seem to think it is only a big deal because it was Wayne Simmonds, a victim himself of bigotry recently. That's not it, at least not for me. It does destroy the respect I had earned for Simmonds, and gives us a reminder that bigots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.Some say, "it happens every game," as though that is a justification.

I hope Wayne Simmonds gets a suspension for his actions. Disgusting.

Not a good night.