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Wilderness Walk for 9-28-2011

Not such a good night for hockey fans. Another Minnesota team that struggles in the second half, and the league says it lacks evidence despite there being video of an event. This could be ugly if it doesn't get corrected.

It was the little things last night that killed the Wild. Missed passes, inability to skate out of trouble, and some bone headed plays by the top defenders on the team. Who would have thought that fans would need to worry about Marek Zidlicky and not Marco Scandella. Such it is in the preseason.

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Wild News

Bulmer continues making an impression | - If Brett Bulmer doesn't make the team, it will be a shame. He is playing well at the NHL level, meaning there s nothing left to learn in juniors. The specter of Colton Gillies may haunt the franchise, though. 

St. Louis Blues 4, Wild 3 | - Russo's post game Rants.

If Wild's Cullen misses, he'll hear from the missus | - Great look at Matt Cullen from Russo. This is your must read for the day.

Schultz Returns with a Clear Head - Get it? Because he had a concussion. Sigh.

Craig Leipold invites in the Media - Guess we picked the wrong night to miss the game.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Some familiar names on Camp List - T3I takes a perusal of the camp roster.

The Third Intermission: Training Camp Roster - and presents the roster.

Off the Trail

NHL lacks conclusive evidence regarding slur, doesn't punish Simmonds for altercation | - Lacks conclusive evidence. You know, other than the video showing him say it. All of the respect I earned for Wayne Simmonds is gone, and all of the respect he had from before that is gone. He is just another bigot. No surprise that Colin Campbell did nothing about it either. Just another "hockey play" to him.

Victory, Namate, Backhand Shelf, Delights - Ms. Conduct weighs in on several issues, including the Simmonds issue (briefly). A good read.

Bigotry Relativity is Still Bigotry - Nick takes a much more in depth look at the issue.