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Wilderness Walk for 9-29-2011: Game Day Edition

Maybe no one cares, but HW's traffic doubled in September over September of last year. Thank you to everyone for stopping by, and welcome back to those returning after a long summer.

Today is a hefty Walk as there is plenty going on in the sport, and with the team. Plus, we take a moment to mock a few people. I mean, it wouldn't be a Thursday without a terrible season preview and a somewhat stalkerish new site, right? Right.

The Wild practice then head to Columbus today, then turn around and fly right back home again. Sounds like a blast. Of course, being Columbus, someone is likely to get suspended today. Game day folks. Let's see those captions.

Wild News

With season opener looming, players still learning system | - May want to figure it out guys...

Wednesday practice update | - Stensaas running the ship with an update out of practice.

Offensive additions has Koivu feeling hopeful -'s 30 in 15 - has one decent post about the Wild.

Wild hope offseason overhaul added missing offense -'s 30 in 15 - And one... not so much. Three years of missed playoffs, not two. And for the love of everything holy, Pierre-Marc Bouchard is not a center. Please let it go.

2011-12 Minnesota Wild Preview - - This is as close to accurate as we have seen. Amazing we had to go to Kansas City to get it.

Enemy News

The Cannon - SBNation home for everything Blue Jackets

Columbus Dispatch - For the local beat writer.


Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros turn things up a notch... - T3I updates us on the Aeros.

Aeros gear up for a new season - Houston Chronicle - And the Houston newspapers take up the task as well.

Off the Trail

A sports wagering look at the 2011-12 NHL point standings - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Wild over / under set at 82.5 points. Take the over on that all day, everyday.

Fuck Yeah Eric Nystrom 23 - And finally... you get your REALLY? moment of the day. Obsess much?