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Hockey Wilderness Fantasy Hockey League, Season Two

Last season, we started what will hopefully be a long tradition of the Hockey Wilderness community coming together in peace and harmony to destroy any chance JS has at winning anything ever again. This year, we continue on with year two.

Yesterday, I renewed the Hockey Wilderness fantasy hockey league. As part of that process, all but two owners were sent emails inviting them back into the league. We will give those owners one week to accept those invitations, at which point we will open up any empty slots to the rest of the Wilderness. If there is heavy demand, we can also create a second league. (If you want into the league, please note that in the comments so I know if we need a second league.)

There will be no keepers this year, and the draft will be set by random order a half hour before the draft starts. The rules will be exactly the same as last year, unless anyone can make a case as to why they should be changed (your chance to do so is in the comments).

I look forward to another season, and hope that each of you will check out SBNation's Fantasy Hockey site, Fantasy Hockey Scouts, as we move into the year, and beyond.

One week owners. Your time starts... now.