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Minnesota Wild fans remember Pavol Demitra

Pavol Demitra
Pavol Demitra

With the horrible news this morning of Pavol Demitra's death aboard a KHL charter with Lokomotiv, stories are being shared among people who knew Demo best.

Michael Russo:

On phone with Agent Matt Keator, confirms Pavol Demitra has died: "People were drawn to Demo. He was a great friend and great teammate. He was always the type to bring people together. I just want everybody to know what an infectious energy he has, what a wonderful person he was."

From Wild PR staffer Ryan Stanzel:

I'll remember 2 things about Demo: when he, Gabby and Radio snuck up on me on Robson St in Vancouver. Nearly jumped into traffic...

2)His banter with @Russostrib at practice rink in Denver when Mike picked Avs to beat us in '09 playoffs

Now it's your turn to share your memories. Whether it was his play on the ice during the 07-08 season, or the way he, Marian Gaborik and Branko Radivojevic worked together in the Olympics, Demitra was a pivotal player in the Northwest Divisional championship, and will forever be a member of the Team of 18,000.

RIP Demo.

I'll always remember the way Demo and Gaby worked together. 

Video and more after the jump

Nice video of Demitra's interview with Kevin Falness after being named captain

or even a recap of the 2007-2008 season: has a channel dedicated to Demitra's highlights.

Please, share your memories in the comments.