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Becoming Wild: Episode Five Live Thread

OK, OK. So with the last episode, we blew it and didn't have a thread. Well, we're all over it this time, and we're set for the penultimate episode of the series that every Wild fan has fallen in love with. Thus far we have seen the Calder Cup playoffs, the transition to Mike Yeo as the head coach here in Minnesota, Draft strategy, big trades, and development camp.

With the inside look at what happens on a day to day basis that even the media can give us, we have learned and seen things that we never would have otherwise. I can't be the only one who was ready for this to be a terrible exercise in marketing gone wrong. However, with the execution, the Wild, and everyone involved deserve congratulations.

We hope you'll watch along with us here, among friends. Traverse City starts tomorrow. Training camp on the 17th, and the season shortly after that.

Hockey is just around the corner. Hang on tight.