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Friendly Reminder: Hockey Wilderness Fantasy Hockey Leagues

For everyone playing fantasy hockey with the Wilderness this year, a friendly reminder that those renewing for the original league have until Monday to do so, or I will offer up your spots to other owners. For those who have expressed interest in the second league, invitations have been sent out. Check for an email from Yahoo Fantasy Hockey and follow the directions.

If anyone has NOT recieved and invite they requested, OR you want to help fill out the leagues, please list your email below. Use the format name (at) whateveryouremailserviceis (dot) com. yes, use the words at and dot, it prevents crawlers from stealing your email and sending you junk mail.

We are at 16 teams in the original league, waiting on four owners to renew or lose their spots. The second league currently has ten teams entered, a possibility of ten more with 12 invites sent out (it doesn't tell me who has signed up).

Looking forward to the season, everyone.