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Pierre-Marc Bouchard out with "Concussion-like Symptoms"

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Word out of Wild practice today is that Pierre-Marc Bouchard is out with "concussion-like symptoms" and has been placed on injured reserve. He, obviously, joins Guillaume Latendresse on the IR for the same reason. While the loss of Latendresse has been felt, and is impacted the team on the ice, Bouchard's latest is different. The last time Bouchard had a concussion, we didn't see him for an entire season or much of the first half of the next.

This is terrible news, both for the team and for Bouchard. He is irreplaceable within the organization, as you can call up as many David McIntyre's as you want, but none of them will be Pierre-Marc Bouchard. This is also just another black mark on the league as the players continue to drop with concussions.

In the words of Mr. Spaeth on Twitter, "Uncle."

According to Russo, Bouchard hasn't felt comfortable since the Zach Bogosian hit in Winnipeg. Shocking. Such a clean hit, right everyone? Thanks, Mr. Shanahan. Such a well run department. Any chance of getting back to us on that email today? You know, the one you said no one criticizing you ever sends? Yeah, didn't think so.

Regardless of if the "epidemic" is new, or just easier to diagnose, the league has a real problem on its hands. One they will be forced to address. Soon.

Good luck to ya, Butch. Get well soon.