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Raffi Torres Suspended Two Games for Hit on Nate Prosser

After waiting the appropriate amount of time so as to not ruin the spectacle of the Winter Classic, the NHL's Department of Player Safety Jokes has issued their ruling on the Raffi Torres hit on Nate Prosser from the New Year's Eve game. They have suspended Torres 2 games, and the video from Brendan Shanahan shows a few views of the hit we did not have access to before.

Here is the video:

The reasoning comes down to Torres leaving his feet to jump into the hit, and targeting Prosser's head. Shanahan also feels that Torres didn't quite get the message in the fine he slapped on Torres earlier that very day for targeting the head of players. Adding in the fact that Torres had "caught the attention of the Department of Player Safety" three times in three games, Shanahan felt it was time to lower a shoulder of his own into Torres.

Not exactly the most brilliant of moves by Torres. Knowing his history of questionable hits, and the recent run of mercenary style play, I may have gone bigger than the Sheriff did here, but that said, it sure is nice to see a player pay for a dirty hit against a Wild player, isn't it? Anyone really think Torres stops? I'd be willing to put money on the fact he is back at it as soon as he can be.