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Still No Trades, but a Roster Shakeup

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Heeeeeee's baaaaaack.
Heeeeeee's baaaaaack.

The Wild have made a few roster moves today, according to a press release, Twitter, and Kent Youngblood. There have been no trades, but Chuck Fletcher appears to still be working the system as much as he can.

The moves today are simple swaps from St. Paul to Houston and back. Nothing ultimately impressive, but you will get your first shot to see Chad Rau, which many of you have been pining for. Hopefully the kid brings his A game, turns the team around and never looks back. You can all dream if you want to.

The moves from today are:

Reassigned: Casey Wellman and David McItyre

Called up: Matt Kassian, Chad Rau, Jed Ortmeyer, and Nate Prosser.

The guess here would be that all four are put into the lineup tomorrow against Dallas, if for no other reason than to send the message that if the guys on the roster aren't willing to play, they'll bring in guys that will.

Thoughts, Widerness?