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Devin Setoguchi and Casey Wellman Activated, Matt Kassian Reassigned

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He's back. Now... can he make an impact?
He's back. Now... can he make an impact?

Good news out of Wild camp today as the team heads to Vancouver and Calgary. They have activated Devin Setoguchi and Casey Wellman from the injured reserve list, and as a result, reassigned Matt Kassian back to the Houston Aeros.

Having Setoguchi back immediately makes the team better, as the Wild now have a top six forward and top power play unti guy back on the ice who is certainly not afraid to shoot the puck. He was struggling a bit before his injury, so maybe the layoff will have instilled some fire in his belly and he can find his groove with Dany Heatley and Mikko Koivu. The -7 rating needs to go away, and quick.

Casey Wellman gives them yet another speedster, and a player that was just heating up when he was injured. The guess here has to be that he is reunited with Matt Cullen and Pierre-Marc Bouchard to provide that speedy threat the Wild have been lacking.

Kassian being sent back should not be seen as him having done something wrong. He came up, played well, and served in his role very well. He'll be back to be sure. Would have been fun to see him play against the Canucks, but it will be more fun to see how the newest scoring threats impact the game.

Healthy players, Wilderness. What's that about?