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Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche: Forever Lost Game One

Our first game of the season will not be played. Share your thoughts, if you would.

Nhl-logo_medium Nhlpa-logo_medium

NHL (2-0-0) vs NHLPA (0-2-0)

Not at Xcel Energy Center @ 7:00 PM CDT
Television: Yeah right
Listen Live at: The Voices in your head

For the rational perspective, check out: Well, uh... there's the...

Tonight should have been the opening game for the Minnesota Wild. That won't be happening. You all know why. Please direct your anger and vitriol at whomever you wish in the comment section. While you are at it, give us the highlight from this non-existent game? Koivu to Parise? Yes, you're making it up. Let's see it.

Also, take a shot at the Five Questions of the Night.

Five Questions:

  1. Why does hot water freeze faster than cold?
  2. What's the deal with candles?
  3. Why did Sally sell sea shells by the sea shore when people could just pick them up?
  4. When people who speak French swear, do they say "pardon my English?"
  5. If you eat a cold Hot Pocket, are you just eating a pocket?