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Wilderness Walk for 10-17-2012: Episode IV

Your daily time wasters.

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Any Star Wars fans out there? Yeah, me either.

The NHL made a bold proposal yesterday, and not "bold" in the "holy crap you've lost your freaking mind" kind of way. A 50/50 split makes everything else negotiable. The two sides have to be able to work this out at this point, right? Maybe. We've seen dumber things happen in our days following the NHL.

For now, the hope level has risen for the first time in months. Along with that, the potential for bitter backlash has risen to levels never measured. If this doesn't get it done, fans are going to melt down. This is, in my humble opinion, make or break. Either it gets done, or the NHL loses hordes of fans. Good thing the NFL is ready to take them on.

Your links for today, ladies & gents.

Lockout News

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Off the Trail

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