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Please Welcome Agnes Reis to Hockey Wilderness

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Hockey Wilderness adds a writer to the staff. Please welcome her with open arms.

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

Hey there, Wilderness. We continue to search for the best team possible to bring you the best site possible. This search leads many places, as we constantly scour the interwebs for the talent we would like to see here at Hockey Wilderness. Today, we will be introducing you to three, yes three, new members of the Hockey Wilderness team. Please welcome them in a manner only the Wilderness can offer.

When we find talent, we like to scoop them up as soon as possible, and add them to our ever changing, ever growing team. Sometimes, that search leads us to the far reaches of the world like Hong Kong and... ew... Canada.Sometimes, that talent finds us, as is the case with this writer we introduce first.

You likely have seen her around the Wilderness, and elsewhere, so we'll just let her introduce herself.

I'm Agnes Reis, better known in the Wilderness and on Twitter as Brigid22. This year, I'll also, hopefully, be known as that loud chick in section 206, so if there is a season and you're in that vicinity, stop by and say Hi!

This is my first foray into sports writing, although I have experience as a health and wellness blogger for butyoudontlooksick.comwriting essays and product reviews. You won't see much of that brand of writing here although my opinion will cross over from time to time. I'm excited to take the plunge here and grateful to Bryan and Nathan for the opportunity.

I'll be writing the Weekly Wrap-up (Better Name Pending) with news and highlights from around the Wilderness. I'll also be taking a look at injuries, past and present, famous, and infamous.

So what should you know about me? I'm a fan of goalie fights and not so much one of touch icing. The 22 in my name does not stand for my favorite Sedin. I'll chime in whenever I've got something to say, and occasionally, even when I don't. Glad to be a part of the team and looking forward to spending more time around here.

The management here at Hockey Wilderness would like to welcome Agnes to the team, and thank her for her dedication and passion for the game. We look forward to reading her work, and hope that you do as well.

Again, please give her the welcome only the Wilderness can offer.